Tongue finishes back at the root of itself




The practicality of lying.
The practicality of lying to your mother.
The practicality of spaces that lie.
The practicality of lying with the material.

Dream is forbidden, nostalgia is forbidden, to be too sweet is not good.
Everything we used to feel historically now you can’t enjoy.

Our yearnings for a more innocent state and the futility of those yearnings.

Ink that strokes the subject, and can, for a moment, change your breathing.

Lipstick, Shoe, Tongue

This exhibition, “Tongue Finishes Back at the Root of Itself”, looks at the implications of practicality applied to concepts such as lying, dreaming and nostalgia. Together, these actions narrate a story about an innocent space in which sentiment and feeling are allowed to be and to alter uselessly. The hand/industrial-made objects involving shoes, tongues or lipsticks, are in between a reconsideration of formalism and the oscillating movements in which cultural heritage stretches and reaches out to a particular moment.

The formal and conceptual manoeuvres of the work, inevitably responds to a pattern of unrestrictive associations -perhaps found within the same rhythm in which one moves digitally-, and the limitations and resistance the work itself has upon its own image projection.

Shapes and recollections might appear what they are not if depicted as the memory of a place from the past. Similarly, a lie mirroring itself as a construction of neoliberal commodifications produce a sort of iconography; the imaginary reassurance of wanting to tell more, of wanting to hear more.

Opening 8/8/19 until 31/08/19

at Pe Hu

4 Chome-8-1 Nishitenma,

Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0047,